Monday, December 13, 2010

How it went

Okay. I'm ready to talk about it. :) My garden didn't do so well this year. If you remember, this is what I planted:

4 Early Girl Tomatoes
4 "Cupid" Cherry Tomatoes
4 bell pepper plants
4 cucumber plants (must. have. more!)
4 Sugar Pie Pumpkins
1 Lumina Pumpkin
1 lemon grass plant
2 garlic plants - to harvest, divide, and replant in the fall
2 onions from one rotten onion that had sprouted in my kitchen :)
1 parsley plant
1 zucchini plant
1 yellow summer squash plant

Let's start at the top:
Early Girl Tomatoes: The chickens got all but a couple.

Cupid cherry tomatoes: Yummy! They did excellent!

Bell pepper plants: Nope. Maybe one, but it wasn't any good.

Cucumber plants: Wait! There were cucumbers? Well, I guess that answers that, eh?

Sugar pie pumpkins: I got 3 tiny ones and forgot to harvest them before they froze.

Lumina pumpkin: Not so much as a tiny pumpkin.

Lemon grass: Didn't do as well as a couple of years ago, but it survived. I dug it up and brought it inside for the winter.

Garlic plants: I lost them! I have no idea what happened to them! Perhaps the vole ate it?!

Onions: Got quite a few, but I haven't eaten any yet to see if they were any good.

Parsley plant: It grew BEAUTIFULLY! I cut the plant in half and brought half inside for the winter and left half outside to see if it will come back in the Spring.

Zucchini plant: D-u-d. I think I got one. What the heck? Other people said theirs didn't grow well either.

Summer squash (yellow): I got quite a few; nothing like the zucchini used to do, but got about 8 squash off of it.

The apricot tree produced like cRaZy! But they ripened so slowly that the bees & earwigs spoiled them all (all but 1 ice cream bucket full) before I got to them (and even then I found green ones!???).

Nothing put up. Everything used up as it came on. It was a very strange year.

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