Friday, May 28, 2010

I got the garden planted

I got my garden planted on Saturday complete with:

4 Early Girl Tomatoes
4 "Cupid" Cherry Tomatoes
4 bell pepper plants
4 cucumber plants (must. have. more!)
4 Sugar Pie Pumpkins
1 Lumina Pumpkin
1 lemon grass plant
2 garlic plants - to harvest, divide, and replant in the fall
2 onions from one rotten onion that had sprouted in my kitchen :)
1 parsley plant
1 zucchini plant
1 yellow summer squash plant

Jared, as usual, was my gardening assistant. He helped me turn over the soil, plant, and told me jokes. He is wonderful to work with. (Thanks for your help, Jare!) :)

On Monday when I awoke I found it was SNOWING! Bah! So Steve found the "hotcaps" and I covered all of my newbies that hadn't had time to settle in yet. Everything turned out fine. Nothing froze and it has warmed up significantly. :)

I saw a bazillion earthworms as I turned over the soil. I know I said it last year too, but my soil looks even better this year than last!

Hopefully everything will thrive!